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How to Claim

To help us process your claim as quickly as possible, we will need some information or documents; the list below will tell you what we need. We will ask you to upload these documents at the end of the claim lodgement process.

  • If you do not have the supporting documents. You can still submit your claim and we will give you a claim number. However, we won‘t be able to start processing your claim until we receive all of the required information. After you have submitted the claim you can forward the supporting documents separately to claims@terrischeer.com.au. Please ensure you include your claim number in the email subject line.
  • Some claims are more difficult to process and may require additional support. If the damage you are claiming for is likely to exceed $2,000 we may need to appoint a loss adjustor. Please call us on 1800 804 016 between 8.30am and 5.00pm, and we will discuss the process with you.

Please choose how you would like to contact us

What you need

Policy number, policy holder name, policy holder email and policy holder phone number. We will also require supporting documentation – please see below for details of what is required.

Claim online

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What happens next?

After you have submitted your claim, we will provide you with a claim number and keep you updated on the progress of your claim.

What you need

Insured address or policy number

How to claim

Call us on 1800 804 016, we will enter the details into our system to start the process

What happens next?

  1. You will receive information of your claim number and the information required to progress your claim
  2. We will keep in contact and update you on the progress of your claim

What you need

Insured address or policy number and the information and supporting documentation requested on the claim form

How to claim

Download and complete a claim form providing the supporting documentation required (please see back of the claim form)

What happens next?

  1. You will receive an acknowledgement confirming your claim number
  2. We will keep in contact and update you on the progress of your claim

Supporting Documents Required

Click on the type(s) of claim(s) you are submitting for a list of supporting documents required to process your claim.

Claim Types.

“Thank you for processing this so quickly, this is the first claim I have put through Terri Scheer and was amazed to see such a quick response and excellent customer service.”

C Hempel
RE/MAX Executives

“Dealing with Terri Scheer has been a welcome experience and I recommend them to any landlord seeking peace of mind and professional support.”

Simon Webb

“As always the service from Terri Scheer has been an easy experience in the respect I was updated every step of the way.”

D Brumby
Pride Real Estate

“Thank you so much for making this so straight forward, what an excellent service”

P Ferrity

Loss of rent

Loss of rent is calculated from the day after the tenant last paid rent.

For example:

If the tenant is paid up to and including May 10, your claim will begin from May 11.

Your claim will then be calculated until one of the following events:

  • The day before the property is re-let
  • The date the lease agreement expires
  • The date the landlord withdraws the property from the rental market
  • The date the tenant vacated—if no effort is made to replace the tenant
  • The maximum amount claimable is reached

We will only pay what you would be legally entitled to if the tenant had complied with their lease agreement. Once the tenant has vacated, click Claim Online Now to submit a claim, ensuring all documents listed are provided. Please also retain the bond and use towards non-claimable items such as re-letting expenses (cleaning, gardening, rubbish removal, etc.)

Documents Required

  • Copy of lease agreement for the defaulting tenant
    Lease agreement that sets out the terms of the tenancy including property address, tenant names, weekly rent, lease period and signatures
  • Copy of tenant’s rental ledger
    Record of all rental payments from the beginning of the lease
  • Copy of all notices issued to the tenant which are related to your claim
    Copy of all breach notices, notices issued to terminate the tenancy, court applications and any court orders or tribunal orders issued against the tenant
  • Breakdown of bond deductions
    Costs that a tenant is liable for at the end of their lease, which have or could be paid from their bond. E.g. change of locks, cleaning, gardening, rubbish removal, water usage
  • Evidence of dated advertising done to re-let the property
    Must include date(s) and insured property address
  • Copy of lease agreement for new tenant (if the property relet)
    Lease agreement for the new tenant that confirms when the property will be re-let

Please note:

  • If claiming court or tribunal attendance costs
    We require an invoice or copy of the landlord ledger which shows the cost the landlord incurred for the property manager to attend court or tribunal on their behalf. We also require a copy of the Managing Agency Agreement
  • If claiming tenant hardship
    We require a copy of the court/tribunal order, releasing the tenant from their obligations
  • If claiming for death of a tenant (only applies under a sole tenancy)
    We require a copy of the death certificate, funeral notice or similar.

Thank you for processing this so quickly, this is the first claim I have put through Terri Scheer and was amazed to see such a quick response and excellent customer service

C Hempel,
MAX Executives