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Privacy is important especially when you consider the number of ways we communicate and interact these days. We are committed to our privacy obligations and will conduct our business to ensure the protection of your personal information, including sensitive information..

It is important to understand that our companies provide a wide range of financial services and products and our companies may use and disclose your personal information in different ways.

Online Terms & Conditions

Terri Scheer is a member of the Suncorp Group. Click here to read the Suncorp Group Privacy Policy.

The Suncorp Group is comprised of Suncorp Group Limited (ABN 66 145 290 124) (“Suncorp Group”) and its subsidiaries and related companies in Australia and New Zealand. In these terms, a reference to “we”, “us” and “our” is a reference to each of the following companies of the Suncorp Group (as applicable in context):

These Online Terms any relevant Privacy Statement, together with the Suncorp Group Privacy Policy are collectively known as our “Online Terms”.

Read these Online Terms to understand how we:

  1. About our online sites

  2. Links to other third party websites or applications

  3. Main Site: product information and insurance purchase and renewal

  4. Main Site: payments All payments are to be made by permitted payment cards at the time of purchase in relation to the applicable policy or service. In the case of a payment card transaction, you must therefore provide to us details of your permitted current and valid payment card, including:

    1. (a) payment card type;
    2. (b) name on payment card;
    3. (c) payment card number;
    4. (d) card verification value (CVV); and
    5. (e) expiry date.
  5. Valuation tools, calculators, games and other features

  6. Our standard terms and acceptance criteria apply All enquiries or applications for insurance (including variations of cover) or other products made via any of our Online Sites are subject to and must comply with our normal acceptance criteria and are governed by the normal terms and conditions applying to each product or service requested. The terms and conditions of the products which we issue or provide (as relevant) are contained here. Whenever you make an enquiry or application for one of our insurance products, you must answer any questions we ask honestly and completely. We reserve the right to reduce or deny any claim you make under our policy and/or cancel that policy, if the information you provide us is not honest and complete. If any of our products requires that you comply with a duty of disclosure, we will inform you of this in the application/sale transaction and this will be made clear in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement if applicable. We reserve the right to reduce or deny any claim you make under an applicable policy and/or cancel the applicable policy, if the duty of disclosure has not been complied with.
  7. Warranties Whilst reasonable steps have been undertaken to ensure that information is free from error, to the extent permitted by law, which law cannot be excluded, we do not warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of Site Content. All information is subject to change without notice. We do not guarantee that any Online Site or any Third Party Site will be free from viruses, or that access to any Online Site or Third Party Site will function as intended or be uninterrupted. All terms implied by law, except those that cannot be lawfully excluded, are excluded.
  8. Limitation of liability Subject to any responsibilities implied by law and which cannot be excluded, we, and our directors, employees, agents, contractors and related bodies corporate, are not liable to you for any losses, damages, liabilities, claims and expenses (including but not limited to legal costs and defence or settlement costs) whatsoever, whether direct, indirect or consequential, arising out of or referable to any Site Content Third Party Material, third party services, or to access (or lack of access) to an Online Site (or website operated by any member of the Suncorp Group) by you, howsoever caused, whether in contract, tort including negligence, statute or otherwise.
  9. Indemnity You indemnify us (and any of our related bodies corporate) in respect of any liability incurred by us (or any of our related bodies corporate) for any loss, cost, damage or expense, howsoever caused, suffered by us (or any of our related bodies corporate) as a result of your breach of these Online Terms or your use of any of our Online Sites.
  10. No advice / Risk Management Products

  11. Availability of an Online Site

  12. Restrictions on use of an Online Site The Site Content contained on any Online Site is provided solely for bona fide personal or commercial customers only. By accessing, viewing or otherwise using any of our Online Sites, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use contained in this term and term 13. You agree that you will not, (either yourself or through any third party):

    1. (a) use any robot, spider, screen scraper, data aggregation tool or other automatic device or process ("Automated Process") to process, monitor, copy or extract any web pages on any of our Online Sites, or any of the information, content or data contained within or accessible through any of our Online Sites, without our prior written permission;
    2. (b) use any Automated Process to aggregate or combine information, content or data contained within or accessible through any of our Online Sites with information, content or data accessible via or sourced from any third party;
    3. (c) use any information on or accessed through any of our Online Sites for any commercial purpose (including but not limited to market research, the provision of pricing estimates or 'shadow shopping') or otherwise (either directly or indirectly) for profit or gain;
    4. (d) use any device, software, process or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of any of our Online Sites or any transaction or process being conducted on or through it;
    5. (e) take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of or bandwidth connecting to any of our Online Sites;
    6. (f) reverse engineer, reverse assemble, decompile or otherwise attempt to discover source code or other arithmetical formula or processes in respect of the software underlying the infrastructure and processes associated with any of our Online Sites; or
    7. (g) copy, reproduce, alter, modify, create derivative works, or publicly display, any part of any content from any of our Online Sites without our prior written permission.
  13. No use of any Online Site for unrelated persons You must only use our Online Sites (as permitted by their design) to:

  14. Third party providers Parts of our Online Sites, or the provision of payment processing or other services offered via our Online Sites, may be outsourced to third party providers. These Online Terms apply to any outsourced services, unless you are otherwise notified of any alternate terms of use.
  15. Copyright and trademarks

  16. Termination

  17. Acceptance of and changes to these Online Terms

  18. Our complaints resolution process

  19. General

  20. Linking to any of our Online Sites Unauthorised linking to any part of an Online Site (including any website operated by a related body corporate that is part of the Suncorp Group) is expressly prohibited. Please contact us if you would like to link to any part of our Online Site(s). Only written permission from us will constitute authorisation of a link.
  21. Our Online Privacy Statement starts here

  22. Your online privacy

  23. Posting public content Unless otherwise stated, when you post a public comment or upload other public data to an Online Site, that information may be displayed by us publicly in accordance with terms 22 and 24. Your information may also be retained by us where there is a legal reason to retain it for a longer period.
  24. Information collected and how we use it

  25. Third Party Sites (including third party social media sites) Our Online Sites may contain links to Third Party Sites (see term 2.1). Third Party Sites should contain their own privacy statements and those third parties are responsible for informing you about their security and privacy practices.
  26. Your privacy rights and complaint resolution

  27. Cookies

These online terms are dated 14 April 2014