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Terri Scheer Wins Top National Award

Terri Scheer Insurance has been named as Australia’s best landlord insurer.

Leading property investment magazine Your Investment Property today announced Terri Scheer Insurance as the best landlord insurance winner in its 2018 Property Investor Awards.

These awards seek to establish a benchmark for excellence in the industry, allowing investors to reference the country’s top performers and what sets them apart from competitors.

Recognising Australia’s leading property professionals, Your Investment Property invited nominations for the first ever Property Investors Awards, celebrating the best in the industry.

As well as landlord insurance, these services included agents, brokers, advisors, property managers, stylists and other specialist professions adjacent to real estate.

An independent panel of judges comprised of respected industry commentators reviewed the finalists’ entries to select winners in each category.

Sarah Megginson, editor of Your Investment Property magazine, said: “There’s a saying about property investing… you pay for your education somehow, whether it’s by investing in experts to support you, or learning from your mistakes. The former is far less costly than the latter, so with these awards we hope to shine the spotlight on those who get results and make life easier for investors.”

That’s exactly what Terri Scheer Insurance seeks to do.

Our aim is, and always has been, to help support landlords on their property investment journey.

With such a big responsibility to landlords and property investors, we strive to continually improve our products, service offerings and value propositions, to reflect the changes in our marketplace and stay at the forefront of Australian insurers.

This award is recognition of the exciting new changes Terri Scheer has introduced to its landlord insurance policies during the past year.

They are the first of their kind in the market and provide more comprehensive cover than ever before.

We have taken into consideration feedback from both property investors and real estate agents, and simplified the policy wording making it easier for customers to understand the cover and to enhance their experience if they find themselves having to make a claim.

The main change has removed separate events for accidental, malicious and deliberate damage and to combine them into one type of cover, simply called tenant damage.  Each of the previous covers had a separate excess applied to it meaning a customer may have several excesses within one claim.  A customer can now claim for damage caused by a tenant and only have one excess.

We also extended the cover offered for pet damage to $2500 from $500 and removed the need for the pet to be named on the lease.

Cover for various loss of rent events were also increased to a market leading 20 weeks.

We understand you have worked hard to build your family’s financial security and prosperity, and that you have invested in property with a view to capital growth and a steady rental income.

At Terri Scheer, we want to help you protect your investment against insurable events, so that you are not left financially out of pocket if your rental income stops or you are faced with significant repair bills.

We thank our customers, employees, real estate agent partners and property managers – your continued support of Terri Scheer Insurance has helped us secure this award win!

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